Courage Is Turning 30

Courage Is Turning 30

I used to watch "13 Going On 30" when I was 16. And I used to think: "30? Really? Why? That sounds kinda old." I now understand why 30.

30 is scary, in a good way.

30 means my 20’s are officially over. It means closing a chapter. It means I get to start over, but this time with more confidence, knowledge and skills. Now, I actually know what I'm doing (which was not the case when I turned 20!)

My 20’s got me ready to become the woman I want to be today. A woman that is a go-getter. A woman that is an inspiration to many. A woman that even inspires herself to keep going. How awesome is that?

I feel better than ever before. So if aging means being hella more confident, mindful, loving, knowledgeable, driven and decisive, bring it on.

30 is about giving back.

I’ve spent the last 20 days working alongside 60 women who, out of their desire to give back, decided to invest their time to help me spread courage.

Some women donated their stories of courage with the hope of empowering whoever decides to read them. Others, donated their valuable time to fully develop and write these inspiring stories. Other women donated their attention to detail by helping me edit many of the stories. And some very brave women even helped me translate stories to English to extend their impact beyond language barriers. 

This is an initiative accomplished by brave women for women who aspire to be brave, or who probably already are, but don’t know it yet.

On my 30th birthday, I wanted to give back. So these 30 stories are my gift to all of you.

My only ask: use the comment section on each story to congratulate and thank the brave women behind it. That’s my one ask for today. Happy birthday to me!

Special thanks to everybody that was part of this inspiring initiative. I feel extremely grateful to have you all on board #blessed <3


Michelle Poler

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