Courage Is Remembering Where I Come From

Courage Is Remembering Where I Come From

“Michelle, where is home for you?”

That’s a question I get asked often — one I have a really tough time answering.

“Each of us has a unique journey marked by experiences that shaped who we are.”

— Bert + John Jacobs, Co-founders of Life Is Good

The T-shirt I’m wearing here is special, it’s from the @lifeisgoodco Vintage Collection. I look at it and it brings memories of my childhood in Venezuela. Life Is Good brought it back to celebrate their 25th Anniversary :)

My journey began in Venezuela. And having to leave my home country is an experience that shaped who I am today.

At the age of 19, I moved from Venezuela, to Savannah, GA to go to college, the situation in Venezuela was already out of control. After graduating, I moved from Savannah to Miami, FL. At 26, I moved from Miami to NYC, and three years later I went from living in NYC to living nomadic – meaning, no home whatsoever for a year.

My parents live in Panama, my husband’s family is in Miami, and my cousins are all over the world. From Israel to San Francisco and from Austin to Barcelona – which is sort of nice, I mean, I have a place to stay everywhere we go! But family reunions are long gone. We used to have family dinners every Friday night for Shabbat when we were all living in Venezuela. Now, in order for all of us to meet in the same place, someone would have to get married!

So, I may not live in Venezuela anymore, but Venezuela is part of who I am and it goes with me everywhere I go 🇻🇪🙏🏼.

At home, we cook arepas every week, our Alexa is playing Reggaetón 24/7, and Adam and I speak Spanish between us. Also, through social media, I’ve been able to connect with Venezuelans all over the world – they are my most supportive audience, and I make the effort to meet them in person, one by one, every time I visit a different city. That is how I stay connected to my roots.

My parents and I in the mountains of Panama (Boquete)

My parents and I in the mountains of Panama (Boquete)

I’m grateful for my parents, for instilling in me strong enough values to confidently travel and live in many places without losing my sense of home. Home is wherever I go, as long as I’m happy and I have my hubby by my side.

So, I’m ready for all the travels 2019 will bring and for Venezuela to overcome dictatorship and go back to being the beautiful country it was 20 years ago.

Which life experience shaped who you are today?

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