Courage Is Quitting The Job Of Your Dreams

Courage Is Quitting The Job Of Your Dreams

Evelyn, 28, Bristol, CT

I was so comfortable. I had everything I thought I wanted. A good career, great benefits and I felt like I was making a difference. But deep down I knew there was more to life than this. After six years I decided to take the jump.

I was so scared! A few weeks ago I attended Michelle Poler’s talk at my former place of work, ESPN. I went to the event as a volunteer and came out a new woman.

Michelle opened my eyes to my professional fears that had been holding me back. I realized that I was terrified of leaving my first professional job and everything I have known since moving to the Northeast in 2010.

This was my dream job since I was in middle school. 

I felt blessed to even be offered the opportunity here. This job allowed me to work with incredibly talented people and gave me the platform to showcase my skills in front of millions of sports fans. I even met the rapper Drake and turned into her biggest fangirl! 

So why take the risk and leave? 

Michelle showed me… “The first step to living the life that you want is leaving the life you no longer want”. So I started applying for jobs in my dream/home state of Florida.

Funny enough, One of the places I applied, offered me a position but they weren't offering me enough money. All of the sudden, I had this totally new confidence in myself, so I rejected the offer – if I was going to make the jump, it had to be for the right amount.

The next day they called me back with a better offer! I couldn’t believe it.

I have officially accepted a position as a TV Producer and I’m moving to FL! To be honest I’m probably even more scared now, but I’m extremely excited about this opportunity. I get to be back in Florida, my home state. Now I will be able to visit my family for holidays, birthdays and for no reason at all.

Michelle helped me take that step and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I learned that it’s ok to have fears. Trust me, I was scared before I made this decision and I think I might even be more scared now. But this feeling is different… This is an exciting fear. I haven’t had this feeling in a long time and it feels great.

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