Courage Is Realizing People Do Care

“I wanted to ask for help, but I couldn’t. I was afraid of being judged by my own friends. I thought, “I’ll get through it.” I never did. Seeing others’ success should inspire one to move forward, right? But it had the opposite effect on me.” (Poem inside)

Courage Is Switching Careers

"My life was set, I evolved from painter to designer to art director to brand strategist; four different careers all in the same realm as people would’ve predicted since I was a kid.

What people, or even I, couldn’t predict was the path that awaited me."


Courage Is Quitting The Job Of Your Dreams

"I was so comfortable. I had everything I thought I wanted. A good career, great benefits and I felt like I was making a difference. But deep down I knew there was more to life than this. After six years I decided to take the jump." 


Courage Is Becoming a Woman

"The following is how I started to overcome fear, shame, and some deep-rooted beliefs. It does involve suicidal thoughts and self-harm. I had 33+ years of life and religion telling me I was broken and people would hate me, and I believed it."