Courage Is Quitting My Job To Become The Host Of My Own Show

Courage Is Quitting My Job To Become The Host Of My Own Show

I was only 16 years old when I moved to a big city to pursue my dream. I always wanted to become the anchorwoman of my own radio show. This city offered me the opportunities I didn’t have in the small island I grew up in,

As I was studying journalism, I was invited to attend a prestigious event. Turns out, the manager of my favorite radio station was there. It was my dream to work at that station since I was little! I didn’t allow my fear of rejection to get in the way, so I approached him and handed him my business card. I told him, with confidence, that one day we will work together and left. A month later, he called. It took many meetings and interviews, but I landed the job I always dreamed of while still in college!

I worked there for some time, but sadly, the job got in the way of my classes. I ended up quitting and finding a part-time job in the meantime.  

Although I enjoyed my job as social media manager, it was not fulfilling enough for me to continue down that path.

I needed something more challenging, something more up my alley.

I quit and immediately got a job offer at a local radio station. It felt good to be back!

That job led me to endless opportunities where I grew as a person, as an anchorwoman and as a professional in the broadcasting world. Plus I was able to do more things I loved, like plan events and such!

But after two years in the same position, I realized it wasn’t enough. I knew that there was something bigger out there waiting for me. I knew that staying in my comfort zone was not going to lead me anywhere and that quitting on my childhood dream of having my own show was not the best idea.

It took a lot of courage. Diving into the unknown is not my favorite thing to do. But I took the chance and I did it anyway. I quit once again, a dream job, with no plan whatsoever.

A few days later I got a call from a colleague saying that the host of a show was moving out of the country. They needed a replacement!

If I had stayed on my old job as the manager of a radio station I wouldn’t even be considered for that role, but since I quit a week before, I was eligible.

The universe works in weird ways. It was only when I decided to get uncomfortable and leave my job that I was offered the position of my dreams. Taking the risk was worth it, so worth it! I now have my own radio show and plenty of time for myself. It feels good.

This whole process taught me the importance of trusting myself and my gut, to know that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to, and that my dream was not too big for me to achieve it.





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